About Us


Plains & Prints is a ready-to-go wear women's apparel brand with the modern women in mind. Its distinct yet stylish pieces has made Plains & Prints one of the top local brand in the Philippines.

The brand specializes in casual tops, bottoms, dresses, playsuits and accessories for that fashion forward sophisticated woman.



Today, Plains & Prints is one of the leading fashion brands in the country.

But its humble beginnings trace back to a young college girl's dream of starting her own clothing line.

In 1994, the first Plains & Prints boutique was born at Shoppersville Plus in Greenhills.

An 11-square meter stall manned by two staff. It was then that Plains & Prints began its trademark creation of timeless pieces that never went out of style.

In the years that followed, the Plains & Prints vision of creating elegant, quality women's apparel flourished and business continued to expand.


WHAT WE STAND FOR: Everyday Elegance

Elegance should not be limited to royalty or special occasions. Elegance should be part of a woman's daily life. It is the way a woman should speak, stand, compose herself, and most of all, dress.

Our customers define elegance in our fashion as the "Plains & Prints difference", it is a design element, an accent or a touch of style that turns our plain apparel into memorable pieces and gives our printed apparel a certain dignified gracefulness.

The Plains & Prints brand of elegance is for every day, for every woman and for every occasion. It is everything that we create from semi-formal dresses down to casual playsuits or accessories. Moreover, it is alive in everything that we do.




To be the Philippines' Premiere Fashion & Beauty Brand to the world. We want to be the pride of every woman's closet. We want to be the brand-of-choice of famous fashion icons. We want to be a world-renowned fashion and beauty brand. We want to make an indelible mark in the global fashion scene and do our country proud.




There was a time when the purple ribbon was a mark of extravagance reserved only for nobles and royalty, decreed forbidden to commoners.

Today, the ribbon is one of the most widely-used design elements in both high-end fashion couture and everyday street-wear. For us, this is the unifying power of the purple ribbon. It is the most fitting symbol of elegance that is now made available to all through Plains & Prints fashion and beauty products.




In 2002, the brand released its first-ever advertising campaign featuring actress and fashionista Gretchen Baretto. The campaign drove up sales making Plains & Prints a household name among working women.

The brand has also partnered with endorsers like Celine Lopez in 2008, Thai model and actress Paula Taylor in 2009 and celebrity stylist and fashion editor Liz Uy in 2012.

In 2013, the brand released its Perfect Partnership with Fil-Australian multi-media star Anne Curtis as the new face of Plains & Prints, once again setting the brand above its competitors



To date, Plains & Prints has almost 100 stores across the country. Plains & Prints is also available to local and international markets which cater to customers all over the globe through its e-commerce sites, www.plainsandprints.com, Zalora, Lazada, and Shopee.

The brand is continuously expanding, furthering its growth by adding more stores and creating more opportunities to reach its international clientele.